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Yariika Sushi: Your flavour oasis beyond the seaweed

Yariika Sushi isn't just another sushi joint, it's a flavour paradise that breaks free from the ordinary. Think innovative sushi rolls that push boundaries, tempting noodle dishes like yakisoba and udon, and satisfying classics like katsu and teriyaki - all bursting with freshness. We source our ingredients with the earth in mind, ensuring every bite is a symphony of freshness. Join our crew, your sushi fam, for an unforgettable experience. Ditch the dishes, let us deliver flavour directly to your door, and discover your new favourite obsession.

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Forget the sushi you think you know!

We're here to shatter expectations and redefine what sushi can be. Imagine melt-in-your-mouth salmon that practically swims onto your plate, tuna so spicy it'll do a samba on your tongue, and veggie rolls that burst with flavour like a confetti cannon at a unicorn party. We source our ingredients with the earth in mind and the taste in our hearts, ensuring every bite is a symphony of freshness that'll make you want to slap your mama!

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What Our Customers Say

High quality ingredients, Tasty, valuable, authentic food.

Amazing food and service, I tried vegetable yakisoba taste was unforgettable 👍"

The service is lovely and the food is delicious! The loaded fried chicken fries are a personal favourite, thank you! I will definitely be back & will 100% be recommending